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Marzooq Asghar | 7:30pm on July 30th, 2022

I've decided to start a blog

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purpose of creating my own blog

what you can expect


I've been procrastinating on writing this blog for a few months now. To get the ball rolling, I might as well explain why I even decided to start a blog.

First off, thanks for making it this deep into my website. I don't market this blog anywhere. So I'm glad that you respect me enough to have made it here. We should definitely chat!

I made the design of this blog as bare-bones and simple as possible. If I didn't, I wouldn't have even written this blog. I wanted to remove as much friction as I could. Please let me know if it's under-designed and I'll fix it up for sure.

purpose of creating my own blog

In 2020, when I joined TKS, I was introduced to building technology which creates an impact on the world. For the first time in my life, I was exposed to the idea of diving deep into topics like healthcare, technology, business, and learning from the abundance of online resources out there.

I know... it sounds like common sense. It was always out there and I could've begun to explore my interests on my own. That's easier said than done though. Most of our classmates in school did not explore their own interests in their free time. Most young people just overlook that because they think that there's no value in diving into their interests and making passion projects. Everyone has their own reasons. But for most, the reasons that they think so are because they don't think they'll get a good enough return on that investment of their time. And even if they create something, it'll just be overlooked by adults. So I was exposed to the value and possibility of creating projects that most young people don't think they have the permission to build. Stuff that you only have permission to do AFTER completing a Masters or PhD. We got to build stuff for companies like Instacart, orgs like the UN, and build solutions to massive problems in the world. We were shown that it's possible and got to experience it as well. Most young people don't have the patience to wait that long, or they can't think in that long of a time horizon. So they just neglect that passion. We were given access to this stuff while being in our teens.

Here's an example, in case you haven't realized how valuable that experience was for me (TKS didn't pay me to write this btw 😂. I just want to provide enough context): Young people who are raised in an affluent neighbourhood will be exposed to the lessons of financially successful people since their childhood. The likelihood of them also getting rich is extremely high. The pattern I've noticed is that if you're lower-class, the likelihood of you being one of the richest people in the world is basically 0%. If you're raised in a middle-class household, you can become the first wealthy person in your recent bloodline (with enough time and consistency). If you're raised in a wealthy household (financially free), you have a chance to become one of the publicly richest people in the world.

The point of me saying all of that is, that TKS instructors are experienced in the corporate and startup world. They understand the game, and they know what to teach to TKS students to help them create the largest impact possible. Relating this to my previous example, the directors at TKS were our wealthy parents, giving TKS students the oppourtunity to create timeless, globally recognized impact throughout our lifetimes. It may not be evident right now. As decades go by -the oldest TKS students are still less than 23 years old- and we compound our growth, our individual global impacts will be recognized. I don't want to waste that opportunity, and I want to experience the joy of learning about things that I'm curious about again.

To stay true to my goal of having the largest possible impact on the world before I pass, it is necessary that I become wealthy. Then, after I've become wealthy, I will pursue impact-based initiatives full-time. In sha Allah.

I work 7 days a week. So I usually never get to dive deep into stuff that I'm curious about. But taking one day partially off won't hurt. In fact, it'll only expand my understanding of the world. If not immediately beneficial, it'll benefit me down the road at some point for sure. This one day is the foundation of a larger vision.

One day, once I've become sufficiently financially free (fatFIRE) to take on side-projects, I will use this foundation that I've built to put together a passionate team so that we can solve major problems in the world.

what you can expect

Every Saturday, I'll be diving into a topic that I'm interested in. Here's a sneak peek:

Ever since I left TKS, I haven't committed weekly time to dive into my passions. I want to experience the satisfaction of deeply understanding stuff like neurotech, economics, and random topics that I get curious about again. Saturday will be solely for diving deep into stuff that I'm curious about. In the morning I'll be writing this weekly blog. And hopefully (if I don't lazy out and decide to do other work instead), I'll be building passion projects for the rest of the day. You can expect consistent weekly blogs from around late Q1 2023, to early Q2 2023. Atm I'm just bombarded with work. But with a more consistent sleep schedule, my workload shouldn't restrict me from writing these weekly blogs.

until next time, have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by 🤙