About Me🕴🏻

I'm a 20 y/o from Toronto working with technology and running ventures to maximize my net postive impact on this world.
On a pursuit of greatness. Adversity drives me, and I live by discomfort > mediocrity; you only grow outside your comfort zone.

Software Developer & Hustler.


a) helping businesses scale profitably with my brother at Trailblazer Marketing
b) I speak to your girl every week with my friend Sadra @DigitalStPod
c) I (try to) write a blog post every Saturday.

My Work

Have a cool project idea that you need help with?
Shoot me a message! I love working with smart hustlers with unworldly ambition. 🦄

Things I'm Working On

It's important to keep a balance with all things in life. Here's a quote from someone I respect greatly, "There are two ways to spend time: enjoying it or investing it. A balance of the two is ideal." (Navid Nathoo, Co-Founder at TKS)

Why I use the scale of a billion rather than just measuring my growth with percentage
Whether it be for daily updates for myself, or for evaluating progress, I always do it on a scale of a billion. Why? Well.. to that I'll ask why not?
The scale is used to remind me of my monetary goals as well as my goals for the impact I want to have before I pass away
(I don't believe in cryonics).

We cap our potential for many reasons, but one major reason is because we're conditioned to think that max potential is 100% in school—and that we can't break past that. Evaluating myself at this scale also helps me to remain progress driven rather than outcome driven. So there's no toxic perfectionism going on here, don't worry 😅

careeer goals300000000/1000000000
systemizing mktg (through processes and code)350000000/1000000000
time spent on passions100000000/1000000000
podcast growth & becoming a better storyteller1000000/1000000000

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